Join SYT
If you're looking for a job in piloting, send our senior staff a DM or check our forum page and sign up there.

SYT needs:

1. Skilled and active pilots (preferably on every day basis)
2. Material haulers (mostly on contract)
3. Taxi drivers (for those VIP's but also fellow pilot pickups)
4. Flexible pilots (you just might have room for yet another item, slightly 'along the way' of your current flightpath)

Also, if you're experienced in working with Raw Materials, and the administrative aspects of logistics and storage of them, call us too.

If you're a privateer and like to remain freelance you can still fly for us under the banner of SYT-LLC.
You'll get the same treatment as faction members but with a little less privs that's all.

Our pay starts at 500K monthly. On top of that there are bonuses and the use of ships, NPC's and droids supplied by the company.
SYT is working on better financial conditions but for us, fun comes first!
Welcome to SYT
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