SYT-Transport is a young faction dedicated to 'making the Galaxy move'.
Led by Algol Starrunner, a large fleet, ranging from small two-seat vessels like the A-24 Sleuth to Large freighters like the W-23 Starhauler, caters to anyone who needs transport in a timely and professional way.
Be it personal or personnel, items, droids or Raw Materials, SYT-Transport will move it. No exceptions, no prejudices; we strive to remain neutral to all parties in the galaxy.
There are also no prejudices when it comes to hiring pilots. Any race or gender is welcome with us as long as they 'behave' and do their work properly.
Although being a faction, SYT-Transport still has a place for the independent freight captain and offers protection and jobs for those wishing to stay freelance in its affiliate SYT-LLC so there really is a place for everyone with SYT.

But there is more: SYT can help out when you need a starport in your city. From building to managing, your port to the stars is in good hands with us. Also Trade stations, Commerce Centres and Casino's are added to our list.

disclaimer: SYT-LLC transport is in no way related to the real world SYT (Service You Trust) Transport. It is a company made up for game purposes in the Star Wars Combine online simulation MMOPRG. The name resemblance is totally incidental.
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